Getting News Articles

I am attempting to use the Get News With News API however, it doesn’t seem to be sorting correctly or dealing with the correct time frames… I have attached my settings in the API call…


With these settings it is still showing articles earlier than 2018-01-01 and it is not sorting be date at all… Can someone help guide me on this? THanks.


Hm, have you tried using a dynamic date value instead of the static? Is that static “from” date the placeholder from the plugin or did you type it in? Also wondering if the format of the dates need to be the same. You may want to format your “To” date to “Current date/time :formatted custom yyyy-mm-dd”

I have tried both of these suggestions, but no luck…?

Can anyone help with this? If you are using this plugin, could you please attach screenshot of the settings you are using so I can compare? Thank you.

I just would like it to show articles based on my term that have been published in the last 28 days and listed in descending order (newest first)…

I gave it a try, and found the same inconsistency as you did if I put in a date range it didn’t like.

This worked …

Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t expose the other query parameter options, which allow you to change how many results (default is 20) and page through the remaining results.

If you want to, for example, retrieve 21 at a time, and then get the next page of 21, you could either ask the plugin author to add those options, or make your own API call yourself with the API connector plugin.

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