Getting Region / Country / City Data into my DB

Hi all, here’s a use case I am struggling with:

  • An organization (data type) has one or more offices (another data type). For the office address, I use ‘geographic address’. So far so good.
  • An organization also runs one or more programs (another data type). A program doesn’t have a precise geographical location, but it does need some way of identifying where it operates. From the user side (person entering this data), I’d ideally want them to be able to choose from a ‘Region’ dropdown, then a corresponding ‘Country’ dropdown / menu (enable multiple selection), and the same for ‘City’ within each country.

I approached this by creating Region, Country and City as separate data types (where Region has a List of Countries attribute, and Country has a List of Cities attribute, and City has one Country and Country has one Region).

I am stuck on populating those tables. :woman_technologist: :sweat: Some things I’ve tried:

Note: At this point in my project, I don’t necessarily need a solution that is dynamic / has an API and pulls up-to-date data. For purposes of the prototype I am building, it would be perfectly fine to get a dump of reasonably accurate data in there and figure out optimizations later on.

Any thoughts on the best way to go about this would be super helpful! Thanks in advance! :raised_hands: