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Getting "Remember to fill out key" error

Hi Folks,

I’m getting a “remember to fill out key” error where I set my database fields. There are 6 fields that I am setting from the form. I do not set ALL the fields that are in the database at this point…is that a problem??

I’ve read on here that the only way to remove the error is to redo the entire workflow. I’m hoping a better solution has been found, but I haven’t seen one.

When I click on the error, a red outline appears in the area where I would normally set another field. (see image) But I’ve already set all the fields I need!

Please tell me if you know what’s going on. Thanks a bunch.

Please know that I ended up deleting the workflow and recreating it. As mentioned in a different thread, this works to clear the error.

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Next time this happens just clear that red non-field and the error for that one should go away

Really? Thank you for the information, cmarchan!