Getting rid of / changing the Collaboration -> Changes Per User feature

Hey all, we’re going to get rid of the “Changes Per User” list (on the Collaboration tab in Settings) in its current form: it’s hard to read / not super-informative, and it relies on some technical infrastructure that we’re getting rid of (the infrastructure is causing some performance and reliability issues with Bubble, so has to go!)

So, question for you all: how much do you care about seeing this list of changes? Is this something you use regularly? If this is something you rely on, let me know, and we’ll look into replacing it with a better, shinier version after we get rid of the old one.

If you’re a regular user of it, please chime in with what you use it for / why you need it… thanks!

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Hi @josh. Any plans to add this feature back?

Collaborator access is a bit risky at the moment. This feature would reduce risk.

I don’t believe this question got only one response in more than six years!

We definitely want the ability to be able to review the changes made in a version. I recently upgraded to professional plan with a collaborator and have no idea how to review their work beyond trusting their memory on what all they have changed.

That is so delicate and risky.

+1. Had no idea that this was a feature at some point.

This is desperately needed.

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