Getting Select Field values on Server via JavaScript

I have an Action Plugin that runs on the Server w/in a Workflow. The Plugin take as input a Data Source, and I’m passing it a RepeatingGroup of Select Fields.

The goal:

  • Get access the Select Fields name/value pairs on the server

The problem:

  • When I go to select the RepeatingGroup of SelectFields in the Data Source, the UI forces me to choose “List of texts” - which appears to only give me the names of the Select Fields, not the values.

See screenshot:

:computer: On the client I’ve figured out how to get the values. I’ve added an Element ID to each Select Field element, where its ID is the element name, then used document.getElementById(elementName) to get its value. This works great :raised_hands: However … I can’t run this plugin on the client due to project constraints. :-1:

:gear: On the server I’ve been unsuccessful. Any ideas how I might access the submitted Select Fields values on the server from JavaScript within a server side action plugin?

Thank you!

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