Getting sensor data from local machine - any good ideas?

Coming up the Bubble learning curve and have a good handle on the core. Really pleased with the platform and its capabilities.

My latest challenge: getting sensor data from the local machine to display on that user’s dashboard, which would ideally be Bubble based.

A bit more detail: there’d be a few dozen PCs that are running a Bubble based dashboard. Each of these machines has a simple temperature sensor that is controlled by a locally run Python script, which also does some basic processing on the data. I’m now trying to figure out how to get the results of that script into the Bubble dashboard. Is there a means to have Bubble query the local machine to get this info? To be clear, each dashboard needs to show only their own temperature data. Other machines’ data is not of interest.

It sounds like Blockspring can run Python, but the Python instance seems to be cloud based, and not on the local machine, so doesn’t seem to be a fit. Alternatively, I could have each of the local machines continually upload their results to a Google Cloud / AWS, then run an API on this, but seems overkill, to have the local data have to be sent up to the cloud, then back down to the same machine, plus additional complexities of identifying and matching the sensor data to the right dashboard, and an non-trivial amount of API calls.


You can look at WinAutomation product. You can easily build the interface you need to send info directly to Bubble API, without having to be cloud first (no coding also). Also, you can compile in .exe and installed on every computer you need (assuming we talked about pc).

Here an example:

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Python can make REST API calls directly to your Bubble app’s Data API or API workflow endpoints.

Python has its own tools for this also.

You’ll likely want to check what rate limits and processing speed are in place on your app’s API. If there are too many too quickly, potentially bundle up multiple data sets in fewer calls.

This is very helpful. Appreciate the input and thanks for helping me get pointed in the right direction.