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Getting started building a plugin

What are the best resources to get started?

Copilot’s course.
Bubble Doc.

What else?


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Start dissecting one of the many free plugins. Of course, you’ll likely encounter some bad practices, but it will at least provide you with some working examples.


And oh yeah, @vini_brito has a course. I have no personal experience with it, but I’ve seen favorable comments by others.

Good luck,


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Bubble Doc’s and then asking the Forums if you’re stuck should suffice. In the plugin editor they have documentation over each field that explains everything pretty well.

Here are three versions of the canonical “Hello World” exercises to start with:

  1. Add an element in the element tab that writes “Hello World” to the element’s DOM node.
    1.1. Bonus, compare what the “initialize” function does at run-time to what the “preview” function does at design time.
  2. Add a client-side action in the action tab that creates a “Hello World” JS alert in the browser.
    2.1. Bonus, have the action take a “name” and prepend it with "Hello ", and then raise the alert.
    2.2. Extra bonus, console log to the browser (old school debugging).
  3. Add a server-side action in the action tab that outputs “Hello World”.
    3.1. Bonus, have the action take a “name” and prepend it with "Hello ", and then output.
    3.2. Extra bonus, find and “require” a “hello world” NPM and use it to generate the output.
    3.3. Rocket science? Console log to the server logs and find the output in the logs of your testing app.

The intention of this “assignment” is to give you a set of small concrete goals to work towards. Hopefully this will drive the research, reading, and dissection of existing plugins that you will need to undertake to learn the material. If you want you can post up the plugin once you have it running and I can add to the exercises.

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