Getting started with Plugins


Im new to plugins, and I was just wondering what is the typical process for developing a plugin? Can any application be made as a plugin or is there limitations? Thank you in advance.

You could start with my exercises

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Hi Joe! A plugin does not amounts to a full application, however a plugin can be the core of the Bubble application’s experience.

And yes, anything you can build in a normal web page you can build and use in a Bubble app page.
And almost the same goes for server side stuff, but this needs a more detailed conversation.

If you want something robust and do not mind paying, there is my all including course on starting with plugins: New plugin making course with all-included and no-knowledge-spared [15 July 2021] :blush:


In computer science-y terms plugins allow for the encapsulation of reusable functions; whether those functions transform data on the server, the client, or between client and server. What plugins cannot do is persist state between sessions.


Thank you all for the information. I will look into the links you have all provided.

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