Getting the current user in authentication with email and password or Google sign-in

I’m currently using google sign-in auth, email and password authentication . How do I check for the current user instance because when I sign-in with google , to get the current user I have to do currentUser Google’s email but for normal email and password auth, It’s just currentUser email.
I don’t really know how to go about it

Hey @godwinalugbin004 ,

First, you need to create a console. cloud. Google account and create a new project.

Open the menu from the top left and select API and Service>Oauth consent screen.

Select User type external and click on create.

Now fill in the details for app registration. Once the app registration has been done.

Goto APIs and Services>Credentials

Select application type web application.

Enter name and Input the authorized redirect URL without developer mode enabled. For reference I have attached the screenshot below:

When the project is created you will get the API key and app secret code.

After getting the API key and app secret code. Install the google plugin by and enter the API key and app secret code as shown in the screenshot…

Now create an icon on which clicks the workflow will be executed.

Create a workflow

Goto account>Signup/login with social network> Select Google in the Oauth provider.

Then use an action to make changes to the current user (By using this method you can get additional data saved to the user data table).

Afterward, you can redirect the user to the page you want to show him when he gets login /signup.

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Thank you

Will try this now

One more thing
Should it be in the signup page or login page?

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