Getting VERY sick of Bubble crashing... again

Why is Bubble soooooooo fragile??? Soooooo unreliable?!?!

Can’t even develop for 2h without having a timeout + error message saying I need to refresh. Now I can’t even reload the editor/apps page.

Going on, it says everything is up and running…


If you subscribed to updates on, you’d have gotten an alert about issues on the main cluster (as earlier today as well). This does nothing of course to alleviate your frustration, but at least you’d be warned.

There’s an error on top actually on status page.

One thing I note is that this seem to happen since last friday update to the way version are handled. But I don’t know if this is related. But this thing happen three days in a row in evening (EST)

Yeah agree, is becoming frustrating as it seems to be happening all the time now!

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Now I see the error…

I was planning to make an all nighter to develop something urgent. I guess I’ll just go to bed

Back up now though for me.

Most of the time this never last a long time. A few minutes and it’s back

Bubble hitting maximum capcity at 100% for 2 hours.
May i know, anyone having this issue?

That’s on you, not the shared server.

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