GIF While Generating PDF


I’m using the Bubble Page to PDF Converter plugin, and it works really great! Except it take ~3-5 seconds to generate the PDF. Just long enough to make the user wonder if they actually clicked the button. I am trying to play a small GIF/Lottie so the user knows they did in fact click the button by playing a little spinner to prevent clicking multiple times.

The flow would be:

  1. User clicks button to generate/download PDF.
  2. Immediately launch the GIF spinner, while the PDF is being generated in the background.

Any ideas?



Most of my full screen loaders are made using a popup with a HTML element storing the Lottie’s HTML (looped). It’s simple to setup and you can “lock” the popup until u hide it.

Just style the popup and it’s grayout accordingly to match your needs. Also resize the html element (use fixed dimensions) and/or the lottie’s size (in it’s HTML) if the scroll bars appear

@ihsanzainal84 - Thanks for your reply! I’ve been playing with this and I can’t seem to get it to work. Do you have an example that you can share?