Gitbook integration?

I’ve been trying to look around to find some solotion or tutorial to this but i have not found it yet.

Is there a way to add Gitbook to my dashboard in my app? For example, if i click on “Guide” the state is set to “guide” and an HTML element is shown with my gitbook inside? or to i have to navigate the user to the gitbook page?

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Doesn’t look like you can embed Gitbook in other sites but you can add a custom domain so that when users go to gitbook it feels like your site

After 3 hours of research, I found a solution that worked. So now on my dashboard I can showcase Bubbles Gitbook as an example. It is also fully responsible to a window changing width, for example from web to phone.

For anyone in the future that is interested, you can shoot me a message and I will show you have easy it is :raised_hands:

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Oh nice! Is this an iframe?

Yes correct! Worked better than i tought.

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That’s awesome! Neat solution

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