Give credits to the customer after the payment of his subscription?

Hi !

I would like to launch an special e-commerce plateform with the particularity of operating under a monthly subscription system which entitles customers who subscribe to credits and these credits give them access to a certain number of (limited) products.

More specifically, it’s a clothing rental site. The goal is to allow parents to choose clothes online as an e-commerce site but they see that they do not buy the clothes directly but they rent them, they are offered a subscription formula.

The goal is that the customer is entitled to 3 types of monthly subscription for example:
A) 19€/month
B) 29€/month
C) 39€/month

By taking a subscription, the customer receives a certain number of credits:
A) = 100 credits
B) = 150 credits
C) = 200 credits

Then, he can do his online shopping for the things to choose but the things can only be bought by credit.

The pink dress: 30 credits
The blue t-shirt: 25 credits

Do you think this is possible?

Then, via the back office system, I have to be able to give the credits back to the parents who send their clothes back to us so that they can choose new clothes again as long as their subscription is active.

Here is a Figma link with my first draft for the project (but it’s in french) :

I hope I’ve been clear in trying to keep it as simple as possible!

Thank you for your answer.

Yours from Belgium :belgium:,


You won’t have any issues with building this out in Bubble for sure, and for this novel idea, it’s also more important to test the waters than getting everything perfect - which makes Bubble ideal.

Kind of a novel idea, and it taps into a cool potential market. Good luck!