Giving away free 30 minute bubble / bubble plugin coaching sessions

Hey there everyone,

For the rest of February I’m offering free 30 minute bubble coaching sessions! Need help building something out in bubble? Need help building a custom plugin? Have general questions about Bubble, APIs or webhooks?

My background? I’ve been building with Bubble and making bubble plugins since 2021. Since 2022 I’ve been working on a Fintech application using bubble & custom serverless functions with Netlify. I’ve also been coaching new bubblers on and off and have a knack for listening & teaching.

Book a free call on or directly on Calendly - Jonah Deleseleuc

See you there!

My Fintech app I’m working on:

Have a look at my plugins here: Vision Code Contributor Profile | Bubble


People would be crazy to not take you up on this! Every time we’ve talked I’ve been impressed by the golden nuggets of knowledge we bounce back and fourth :raised_hands:


Thanks Chris for the recommendation! Right back at you :+1:


I’ve had an open calendar for quite some time. I love it.

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