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Giving results based on geographic address

Hey bubblers. I have a search box in my landing page that gets an input geographic(delivery) address from the user. So now I want to know how to go about creating a condition or a workflow that will tell the user that the service isn’t currently in their area. For example , a search function used by on-demand grocery delivery services on their landing page, “InstaCart” etc. When the user enters his/her address I want to be able to determine if it is within a certain radius of my address if not a message “we are currently not in your area” should appear. I hope this makes sense. Would appreciate any help …thanks in advance

You should be able to get a workflow that runs with a condition on it to only run if a user’s current location is >x miles away from the address input’s value. This workflow can show an alert or a text element to notify the user that they’re out of range.

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Thank you. lemme try that