Giving user a data type

This sounds like a simple thing.

When the user clicks button it will change their service data field to a specific service data type.

How on earth do I do this?

You need to start a workflow on button click with an action to Make changes to User…

Here you can set the Service field to a particular service by searching for one that matches some constraint.

For example, a service where Name = “service one” (see screenshot below).
In this example, I’ve selected the first item operator, as the data type returned is a list of Service.

You may have a Dropdown or other element on the page that already contains a list of services (populated from the database) that the user can select from. In this case, rather than performing a search, you can directly set the service field to the element’s value instead.


I’ve done as you stated but as you will see in the screenshot I cannot press enter.

Dynamic expressions can be a little fiddly. It looks like you’ve typed your text in a dynamic composer box. This box (highlighted in the screenshot below) is helpful to compose your expressions by offering you options based on your previous selections in a Dropdown; however, if you want to insert text, you need to delete this box (after the = sign) and then just left-click your mouse after the = sign and you should be able to enter text.



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