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Glitches in preview mode

When I go into preview mode, the program glitches. My logo in the header is way larger than the same logo in development mode. Some images and padding are stretched out too. Any way to fix this?

Have a quick check to make sure that “Make this element fixed-width” is checked. If it isn’t; enable it and reload the page.

Your design page is capped at a specific width that you set when designing your page. When you preview your website, bubble will stretch the page out to the size of your browser window, hence the image gets larger unless you tell bubble otherwise to not change the width.

If the image is still getting bigger, please give us some more context and info, such as:
What responsive engine are you using? The old one or new one?
(If you see the blue refresh logo then you are using the old engine)

What you are building
A link to the preview page
A link to the read-only editor (Make sure you change this in your website’s settings)

I’d actually not check fixed width as that can make things not very responsive on smaller devices unless the element is only small itself.

Instead use the ‘apply max width when the page is stretched’ and choose something between 100-150% depending on the element.

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