Glitchy loading of data in horizontal repeating group

I have a repeating group that has horizontal scrolling, the RG has 25 columns and so I use the horizontal scrollbar to navigate the RG. However, the RG seems to load a small subset of the data when the page is loaded. And so when I try scrolling horizontally, the RG doesn’t load the content.
I recorded my screen to show the issue. It looks like this.

When I check devtools I see that request is made using elastic search, and only then does the rest of the data seem available. This is a huge UX problem for us. Since the user will constantly be switching to the tables throught the day, and it becomes cumbersome to wait for the data to load.

I can see why bubble might load data in this way but this is will cause a huge UX problem for large and sophisticated repeating groups.

Any solutions?

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