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Global Trigger Event

I’m trying to set up a floating group that will appear on almost every page of my app when a new record is created in a particular data type. I’m not seeing any documentation out there about this. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to achieve this? Triggers (let alone global triggers) is something that I’m not super familiar with in Bubble. If someone can suggest reading material or tutorials, I will take it from there. I’m just not exactly sure what to look for or where to start.

Hey @bryan.beneker :wave:

You can try something like this: Custom - Bubble Docs

Then change a field on the user datatype, when it happens, to trigger something on the page for them. Without knowing more, I’m not sure if this will fit your needs.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Another thing to consider, which is quite a common approach is to include a reusable header on every page. Then on that reusable header have your floating group (or however you want to show the alert) - then trigger the appearance of that floating group as @J805 suggests.


Hey @J805 ! Thank you for the response!

I did find this in Bubble Docs. However, what made me question it is the part where it says it watches a specific field for the trigger. What I’m looking for is watching for a new record to a data type. Not just a particular field changing. I don’t want updates to a record to trigger the floating group because there will be multiple interactions by multiple users, and there would be alerts all over the place.

Without having worked with custom events, can I watch for new records rather than specific fields?

Quick overview of the project: A visitor signs in at the front desk using a tablet (a new record is created in the signin data type). The person working the desk will get a notification within the app that says, “Hey, this person just signed in. Which credential did you issue them?” Then they can put in the credential information to complete the entry in the data type. That way all the necessary information is completed in the sign in log.

@lindsay_knowcode Absolutely! Yup, I do plan to use a reusable element. That will save me a ton of development time and keeps everything square from page to page.

Oh ok. That helps a bit.

So maybe just check in the workflows when those things are created and create a new ‘notification’ type thing that the user behind the desk will see. Then display ‘unseen’ notifications and mark them as ‘seen’ once they opened the notification. Maybe something like that? I feel like there are so many different ways to do this, you just have to choose which way is comfortable for yourself. :blush:

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Thank you! I will give this a whirl on Sunday. Today I’m just doing some research to prepare for my development time. I will get back to you on how things go.

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Sounds good. :blush:

OK, so I’ve been working on things today and ran into problems in other areas that I wanted to get squared away first before jumping into this. I created the reusable floating group with all the styling, conditionals, and dynamic data I want to use. I probably won’t have time to work on this again until Friday (busy week ahead). I do want to ask some questions leading next time.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how/where I’m going to send the data. In thinking about things, there are a few different ways this could work. I’m going to assume my original concept of watching a data type for new records isn’t going to fly (based on reading Bubble Docs). However, I could use clicking the submit buttons on the two visitor pages (one for employees, one for contractors/vendors/visitors) as the trigger and send that to the floating group. But my question is HOW would I do it that way? When the user completes their sign in process, they’re sent to a success page. But that’s not going to hold the floating group for the people behind the desk.

I’ve looked in the workflow for sending data, and don’t see anything about targeting a group or popup. Any ideas of what to do or where to look for further direction?

There is a workflow on the page that says “when a condition is true” that should allow you to search for a notification of some sort that hasn’t been read/seen yet. Then you can display the group that you want based off that workflow. Try something like that maybe.

Does that make sense? :man_shrugging:t2:

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