Glowing circle during onboarding

Hi bubblers, is anyone aware of a plugin or a way to create a glowing circle during onboarding?

An example of what I want is in this video (upper left corner): Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

This is what Figma uses for their onboarding. Thanks!

Something much more simple would be if there is an element you want someone to click on as part of onboarding then just give it the Shadow Effect so it looks like it is glowing. You can make the glow circular. Or just create an element that is a “see through” circle and give it the glow and then add one on top of each element you want to highlight. Then just use hide/show conditionals on each. Here is the editor for a button with the Shadow effect:

hey William, awesome solution. this approach completely solves my problem. thanks so much for sharing. Best, Alejandro

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