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Anyone connected GMAIL API successfully to retrieve emails/send emails through API Connector ?


Absolutely! Tell me more about your needs

@jared.gibb We basically need our team to be able to access their Gmail messages and send emails to clients directly from the CRM we have built to them, so when they login first time, to the CRM they can go and connect their GMAIL account and in the Mail section, they see their Inbox, Sent items and they can even compose new email and send it. All through our Bubble built CRM.

@jared.gibb Was my description clear enough ?

Much appreciate your assistance :smiley:


did you manage to solve it? I have the same problem :sob:

Unfortunately nope not yet :frowning:

Just a heads-up in case you’ve not yet hit upon it that quite a few of the Gmail API scopes (if you’re a B2C platform) are now subject to a security audit from Google which costs ~$15,000.

If you’re B2B then you should be fine as your customers can whitelist on their Google domain.

Habitude initially used Gmail’s API to handle exactly what you’re describing before switching to using PostMark & DNS verification to do it. This has got the added benefit of not limiting you to Gmail accounts and can be used for literally any email address.


Actually completed Google Verficiation and got it for our company workspace which means only emails on our domain can login while other private emails or any other workspace cannot access which is exactly what we need. Just need the correct way of setting up the API into Bubble. @exception-rambler

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Which one of the many help articles/methods found in this forum did you start with (if any)? I have exactly the same usecase. Much appreciated.

Hey @martin10,

Nothing found, ended up using this great plugin:


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