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Gmail API Restrictive - Google Security Audits huge costs?

I’m thinking of using Bubble to build a CRM / Email inbox.

But it appears in the Google OAuth documentation ( that using certain Google APIs will require a Security Audit to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Has anyone else looked into it and drawn a different conclusion? Or anyone built an app that uses the Gmail API and found a way around possibly facing this huge cost. I can’t believe every email client or CRM out there that uses the Gmail API has paid out $15,000 to $75,000!

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Have you considered keeping your app in google developer’s console in test mode? You would have to add authorized users to the app and the max is 100 I believe but at least you’ve proved the concept?

And you probably saw this so it appears someone has gotten authorized by google… I think eventually I would like to pull my clients into using bubble for email instead of the gmail interface . Lots more possibilities and it mirrors my idea that the clients entire world should live within their bubble app

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I’m also contemplating a Gmail-centric Bubble app, and this is also a worry.
I know one of the co-hosts of the Startups For The Rest Of Us podcast, who started an email startup, talked about these onerous and expensive security requirements at length over many months, with it taking a long time and costing a lot.

Would love to hear more.

Any of you guys end up going through with this?

We’re using Nylas and they guarantee a flat $15k for it.