Go to Index page daily

I would like to make sure the user is logged out and sent to the index page at least once a day. The logging out part seems to be fine, but not the go to index page. I have used the detect inactivity plugin to do this based on inactivity, but that doesn’t seem to work when the user has their computer go to sleep or simply do a log out of their machine.

When logging back into my machine, the browser still has the same page open and allows me to do whatever I want to do in the application even though I am logged out of my application according to the editor logs.

Is there a way to force the browser to go to the index page based on a certain time of day or certain action in the backend? Or when the user logs back into their machine it will force any tab with my application open to go to the login page?

On every page you can have

When page is loaded and user is logged out - - - Go to index.
Every day at 3AM you can run a workflow to log every user out.

Ezpz Lemon Squeezy


This works to log the user out, but if the browser is already opened with any of these pages, then the page doesn’t get loaded again, which means the “when page is loaded” logic doesn’t run.

I see, You could try a “Do when condition is true” statement.
Have it set to if the user is logged out then go to index.

Just a thought but I see the trouble you’re having now.

Goodluck with it!