Go to... must be last item in workflow (it is) — Bug?

Anyone experiencing something like this?

It happens (now) on every workflow when I try to add a navigation step (at the end). I’ve tried deleting and redoing it from scratch, copying/deleting/pasting, cutting/pasting, refreshing the page, logging out…

I currently have 10+ other Go To workflow steps, all at the end. Currently a big problem preventing me from deploying. Any help appreciated. I tried googling… a lot. Thanks!

maybe try creating a custom event with this go to page, and trigger the custom event

Try refreshing your editor

Did you try dragging the Go to page action to the beginning of the WF (and perhaps refreshing the page) and then dragging it back to the end?

Just tried that – no luck. Also tried the above suggestions. Putting the Go To as @ri_scc_94 suggested in a custom event works/eliminates the error, but that seems like a pretty tedious workaround. :confused:

@jabzoog Sounds like a bug. For a quick fix, you can add a condition to the step too.

I would definitely urge you to submit a bug report, especially since it’s highly reproducible.

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Thanks, all. Filing a bug report!

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