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I have a dropdown that is supposed to allow the user to override a URL variable passed to page. This is in order to select a year. Say I pass 2010 to a page and the user selects 2015. I have a workflow that says When dropdown year’s value is changed > Go to page

In this I request the current page params to be passed and then append the value of year=This dropdowns value.

The problem is that this workflow seems to adjust the URL - I see 2015 show up in the url string. However the page doesn’t reload. I then tried using a ‘refresh page’ workflow after. It worked, but it shows up there is an error > that action must be the last one in the workflow… So I can’t publish the change that deploys this feature even though it is working :confused:

How do I override this URL variable?
I want the page to refresh because about ten API calls have to happen each time the page loads and I need most of them to reload.

Might try another way but I may have to recode the page a bit. First, I want to understand why this approach isn’t working.

You could either run the API calls again instead of needing to refresh, or put any condition on the “Go to page” action so the error goes away. Something like “Current user is Current user” But they put that error for a reason so if you get weird order-of-operations issues might want to fix this workflow

I am in shock but that worked!

May recode the solution at some point but there is API’s that load data that fire into other API calls… in this particular case the refresh is the most efficient solution.

Thank you!!!

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