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Go to page action should be fine if it's not the last step as long as it's the same page

For SPAs or apps that are navigating using URL Path segments, go to page action should be fine if it’s not the last step as long as it’s the same page.

As far as I know, navigating to the same page doesn’t reload the page, right? So there shouldn’t be any problem if go to page is the not the last step in this use case

Put it in a custom event.

Well, it doesn’t really work in my case @NigelG since I’m using a different custom event, not the vanilla custom event. I’m using the one called trigger a custom event when data changes - the one that I was talking about in the previous post a few minutes ago. This custom event provides errors when go to page action is not the last step.

However, all is good since it’s still working the way I want it if the action is at the last step :smiley:

Thanks again, Nigel.

Aha. Well, yes. You can’t ‘go to a page’ when data changes as you could even be in the bubble editor :rofl:

Terminology makes it a bit confusing here I agree.

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Or I may have missed your point…

Are you saying the action should be placed in a custom event and run the custom event in the first few steps?

Yes. If you put the goto page in a custom event you can get round the issue of it needing to be the last action.