"Go to page" missing "Replace in browser history" on reusable components?

It seems that the option “Replace the entry in the browser history” is missing from the “Go To Page” component if it is in a reusable component. Is that correct? I’m trying to troubleshoot this and it seems like this is the only differences between the two workflows.

In a normal workflow there is the option:

On the reusuable element, the “replace the entry” option is missing:

Is this a bug, or is there a reason to prohibit it?

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Hey thanks @max79268, I’d rather not introduce another plugin if I don’t have to (unnecessary plugins slows down your app - and ours is pretty slow already!). If it’s a bug in Bubble I’ll work around it with JavaScript, but if there is a reason for the behavior (or I’ve messed something up/misunderstood) then I’d be interested to hear it!

I think this is by design. The option to replace the browser history is only available if you are navigating to the same page. Since a reusable element doesn’t know which page it will be on, that option wouldn’t be valid.

Hmm, ok - I guess it makes sense, but it’s a bit annoying. I can hack the navigating/history state logic with JavaScript and a custom event, but it’s more ugly.

Thanks for that though!

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Just bumping this up! @makingthingsapp - did you find out whether this was intentional? If so, is there a recommended workaround?


The work around would be for the reusable competent to set a status on the containing page that hosts it. That page can then update the history.