Go to Previous page after a Google Login from Login Page

Hi guys,

In my app, I have a Login/Sign up page, where it has social media login Like Google Login.

When a user Login using the Google button, it takes them to the Google authentication page and after the authentication, they should be redirected to somewhere else rather than the login / Sign up page of course,

So I would like them to be redirected to the same page they were in before they go to the login/signup page.

The issue is:
When I use the action “Go to the previous page” they go back to the Google authentication page and not to the last page in the app they were in.

Any ideas on how to solve this?



It’s been a while since I’ve looked around on this, but I believe you set the redirect url in your Google account setup for authentication.

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Hi @lantzgould I am sorry but I didn’t get your recommendation :frowning:

When you initially set up your Google authentication, you had to of done so in your Google account. There should be an option too as the url of which it should return to upon successful login. You can’t use ‘previous’ but you could specify where the user goes after completing their Google login.

I understand what you are recommending , but bubble.io can do the same using workflow if I used " Navigation… Go to page" , what I need is the ability to go back to the same page that I decided at to login/signup, since all app pages will have login/signup of course.

@ahmed.khodeir.87 have you found a solution for this issue? I’m trying to do the same thing and looking for inspiration :wink:

work around for similar issue I had was disabled the previous page nav button, on the page I redirected them too after login. If just so happend that page was a summary/dashboard page and all actions would mean they navigated away from it.