Gocardless API?


I’m a bit rookie on Bubble for the moment and i’m trying to find a way connect GoCardless API, to my app. I don’t really understand how can I implement this doc infos (API reference - GoCardless Developers) to the Bubble API plugin.

I found some exemples on YouTube but on GoCardless, there is no link to “GET” or “PUT”, just “https://api.gocardless.com/”.

This is a payment SaaS and I want to get payment infos on my Bubble app :slight_smile:

Have you some idea ?


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@Julien_E, in order to get a good grip of API’s in general and the API-connector, check this tutorial from Bubble:

After that you will definitely understand the API’s from GoCardless. They are straightforward and well documented.


Thanks, I will Watch it :slight_smile: