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GoDaddy, Braintree, and Disqus

Hello Bubblers!,

First off, let me offer my gratitude for creating a simple visual programming platform for a non-technical creator like myself. I have been a member with you guys since June and have been fumbling my way through a CRM concept to enhance my business as an outside sales professional. While your platform has been relatively intuitive to use so far, I’ve began to run across a few different areas where I could use help.

  1. Implementing my domain. I recently upgraded to the plans and am having trouble pointing the GoDaddy servers to Bubble. Where do I find the HOST. Where can I find the POINTS TO data?

  2. Subscription. What I’d like to do is set up a subscription service where the user can sign up with a 10 day trial and then set a mandatory state where the user has to be subscribed to a plan for a monthly invoice. I’ve tried connecting both Stripe and Braintree, but the BrainTree Plan Name has not appeared in the workflow and thus I’m having 1 issue that cannot be corrected. What am I doing wrong? The reference mentioned that after some time the servers would be able to pull up the braintree account but that hasn’t happened yet. Is there a manual entry that needs to be done? Also, Can I set content to only be available if the user has a subscription? (much like when the user is LOGGED IN VS LOGGED OUT)? Or is there a better way to implement this?

  3. Disqus. Another feature I’d like to implement is the Disqus feature. I’m having problems having it load when I run my app in development mode. Does this change if I implement the live version. What other recommendations would you have?

Thank you in advance for your time to answer these matters!



Can you split these questions? it’s easier for people to answer if there is one topic per thread (and easier to read for you).