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Need help. Setting up a domain ang can’t find ALIAS or ANAME in Godaddy. How can I set it up?

Hi @shu.teopengco

Godaddy doesn’t support ALIAS or ANAME. This post might help you.

as seen in youtube, I used namecheap to have freedns. How can I verify if I have made all the changes successfully?

It shows in the video in the previous post, you can read it again

already set it up but my page results to 403 Forbidden cloudfare

now it’s error 525 handshake error. :thinking:

PS. My app is working with other connections when not secured (http).

Secured (Https) results in handshake error 525

I had the same problem. Follow the video with the namecheap DNS trick, set your ALIAS record on the namecheap site. Then delete your domain on Bubble and set it up again. Then it should work.

already followed the video and already has ALIAS and CNAME in namecheap. However, I can only access the site with http (not secured). if with ssl/https, it returns a 525 handshake error. shall I delete is again and set it up again?

yes, delete it and set it up. After that, you should delete your browser’s cache. Then it should work

After struggling with this for hours, I called Godaddy support and after a tedious 30 min wait for an available rep, the rep fixed the problem within 5 mins.

I don’t know why, but after deleting my domain then set it up again, it works. :grin:

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Hi guys, just need your assistance, ive been trying to connect the domain but after watching the video about namecheap ALIAS, can’t seem to figure it out.
What i did. I configured the dns from the other registrar to point to namecheap. after pointing it to namecheap where do I go from there? where do i setup to add ALIAS/CNAME? advanced dns option seems to be not there if the domain is not purchased from namecheap. thanks

Advanced DNS tab in namecheap dashboard I think

thanks for the response that is the issue since the domain is not with namecheap only as a dns redirect you don’t have access to advanced dns settings. my question is how do i add the ALIAS in namecheap not purchased there. if my domain extension is not country based i would have just transferred it but i can’t.

If you redirect the nameserver to namecheap, you will have the option to change to the dna(whether ALIAS/CNAME) in namecheap. Can I know what provider you used to purchase the domain? Will send screenshots once I got home

this is the message that I am getting. its in the domain extension is .ae

Have you successfully changed the nameserver in aeserver?

Nameservers are ok and are pointing correctly to namecheap but the issue is how to setup ALIAS or CNAME. I have added it as an add on domain in cpanel. however there is no ALIAS in dns editor also an issue with cpanel that puts a dot “.” in each domain. Anyone can help me on a workaround would really appreciate it. I tried the advanced DNS option in namecheap and that works perfectly, If I can replace the extension and domain I would but thats not an option at the moment.

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