Going Bonkers - Why is This Statement Evaluating Like it Is?

I have a simple statement that is not working as expected.

I have a Pending balance and a transaction.

I want to simply take the User’s Pending Balance and subtract the Transaction Amount from it. EASY!

So you would think…

That’s the statement. I’m searching for the user associated with the transaction. No problem. It’s finding the correct user.

Then I’m taking the Pending Balance of the user and making it equal to the Pending Balance MINUS the Transaction amount. But it’s not working as expected.

If the Pending Balance is $900 and the Transaction amount is $400, the statement in the screen shot is changing the Pending Balance to $-400!

NEGATIVE $400. The negative of the transaction amount.

It’s completely discarding the Pending Balance and just sticking the negative of the transaction amount in.

I can’t see what’s wrong with the statement. Can anyone else?

Sound almost certainly like a privacy rules issue to me (i.e. the search does not return the pending balance, so it’s defined as 0. So the expression’s value is 0 - 400 = -400)

Ah HA!!! I hadn’t even considered privacy rules when doing something like this. I will investigate and report back. Thank you for the idea.