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Going Codeless Live from Arlington, VA

I’ve been lurking around here for a while, so I thought I’d finally unveil what I’ve been working on. I built this over the past two days, but have been spending many months studying and practicing with Bubble. Check it out, let me know what quirks you find. I know quite a few of us are doing the same thing here, which I think is great. The more the world knows they can do things without code, the better!


It looks great. Hope you do well!

Wanted to check that out, but get the error:

Oops! You’ve pointed to Bubble, but we don’t have an application associated with this domain yet!

Guess you moved/deleted it already!

Yep, we’re pivoting away from the Codeless mission statement for a very simple reason: Customers don’t care that it was built without code, and in many cases, they were suspicious about it, not excited. We’re pivoting to focus on Product Management, since that’s our background and DNA, and will have something up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


haha, that is exactly why I wanted to have a look. ‘How to sell the codeless coding’. But I guess that answers the question. Looking forward to the product management vision statement.