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GoNative & OneSignal - How to link to a specific Bubble User

Goal: To link OneSignal to a specific user account that is opened via a GoNative implementation of a Bubble app

Challenge: GoNative (at the Native App level) fires a call to OneSignal, which in turn pings an API Endpoint in bubble prior to a user logging in. This hits the API Endpoint successfully, though without user credentials (screenshot below). I’m looking for a way to map the credentials to the user. Unfortunately, a call from the WebApp generates a different OneSignal Player ID than from the same call from the Native App level. Is there any way to request the GoNative call from the WebApp level? Or is there a way to definitively link the information received via the endpoint to a Bubble User?

Here is what I receive now:

Any luck? I’m trying to do the same thing…

So my solution was not optimal, but it’s managed to perform well at the volume of new user’s I’m getting.

The setup is as follows:

  1. GoNative app to ping my Bubble endpoint as defined in the OneSignal setup page

  2. Save this data to a new row in a “OneSignal” data table, ONLY when this particular OneSignal ID has not already been assigned to a User. Items to save are shown below. Importantly this saves the device’s OneSignal ID, which needs to then be associated with a user. To do this, the user must be logged in, so then…

  3. Upon User Login & when User has no OneSignal ID, look for the latest OneSignal ID with no associated user that has been created in the last 60 seconds (so not to take random old, though unassociated IDs). Save this OneSignal ID as the User’s One SIgnal User ID. Then update the OneSignal item with the Associated User = Current User.

Data Tables:
OneSignal data table has the following items: Associated Email, Associated User, Log In Time, One Signal ID
User data table has the following item: OneSignal User ID

Potential Issues:
WIth high volume of new signups, I could see this method associating the UserIds in appropriately. This would occur only when more than 1 new user signs up within a 60 second period and that the second user somehow searches for and associates the first user’s OneSIgnal ID due to system latency from the first user. That said I haven’t seen it come up yet, but fair warning.

Let me know what you think … open to better suggestions if they’re out there.

Hi @johncottongim, I assume you used the API connector plugin to set this up. Do you mind please sending screenshots of how you set this up? I am really struggling to figure it out myself. Thank you!

Yep me too. Did you manage until now?

Hey I am having the same problem.
Have you found a better solution until now?

Help would be appreciated


Good news for those who still want to use OneSignal with mobile native app or wrapper!

We have launched recently our own plugin “OneSignal MAX Push Notifications (iOS + Android + Web)” that makes OneSignal work on any mobile and web platform, including iOS and Android.

For those who are interested, I write in detail about it in my post .