Good practice OR Bad practice?

I am quite new to bubble but I have several years of experience in programming so at the moment its coming along fine. That said i have several questions that are probably pretty critical performance wise and are different between bubble and actual coding :slight_smile:

  1. Filters
    I read several times filters are a tool that is problematic performance wise, but if i only use them on small lists(10-50) that i got from object that are available directly in my current workflow?

  2. Accessing fields
    Is it efficient accessing specific fields through objects even if it propagating 3-4 fields into the object ?
    for example :
    Dynamic data : Group A’s-> current users’s-> profile’s-> location’s ->street name

  3. Getting data from some group’s state
    Lets say i have two main data type’s that define most of a specific page, call them A and B. and they change by the user choice when clicking a repeating group cell.
    Is it Good practice to send those two data types as states/data-holders to a top group and let all subgroups access these through that top group?
    for example : a marketplace browse page that on item click sends to a page that describes that item, defined by the listing of the item and the item itself (as A and B) .
    If not is this the the only other option?
    Passing data type parent to child group - down the line , even 6-5 groups down

  4. Generally accessing some group’s data type
    Is it ok from some subgroup access some ancestor groups data type/state as a way of getting data?

Thanks ahead!


  1. Filters
    Can’t help you there, as I haven’t profiled the performance. That sort of thing needs an actual profiling tool to give accurate measures otherwise, it’s all guesswork as to where the performance problem is.

  2. Accessing fields
    IMO no problem at all.

  3. Getting data from some group’s state
    This is standard, so no issues here. Think of states as pubic variables, which can be accessed directly. So any nested child element can directly go to some top-level group for its state variable.
    I tend to put the states where they make logical sense, rather than lumping everything at the top level.
    With the market place example, that’s exactly what I would do.
    Onclick open ItemDetailsPage(clickedItem)

  4. Generally accessing some group’s data type.
    Yes see above about states being public

Thanks andrew!
I would love to get more responses from you guys sharing your opinion on the matter, and maybe with an answer as well for the filters :slight_smile:

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Anyone else?