GoodWebinar - Who Wants A Lifetime License?

Hi all

@NigelG and I are soon launching GoodWebinar - a whitelabel, resellable HD livestream and webinar platform for marketers and entrepreneurs!

Built on Bubble, frontend on Webflow, with some nifty API’s implemented to handle WebRTC for native browser webcam/mic usage (big shout out to @ryley.randall on that) combined with a powerful CDN I set up to deliver live HD video stream to people around the world.

This was a big project, and I managed to get costs from $4-7 per webinar (far too high for a SaaS) down to $0.30 for an hour HD high bitrate webinar using the CDN and a little trickery.

Let me know if you’d like to know more if your project is related.

Plus, we launched on Product Hunt and have a cool referral program where you can earn a free lifetime deal (worth $300) or heavy discounts for referring your friends to the waitlist!

Join both below:

www,GoodWebinar - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2024 | Product Hunt




Looks great, Reece, upvoted!

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Looks very clean… I really love the experience coming from the website, it’s designed to create an journey for potential customers and the trigger is perfectly insert.


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Thanks a lot!

Thanks Levon! Appreciated :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile:

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Looks great. Making this project succesful is a nobrainer. Good luck and congrats


Nice work :+1: Upvoted

Yeah always good to know more details and strategies about the building process of a startup.

This looks amazing. Just upvoted. Will recommend it to my friends

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Thank you!

Wow, solid! Thanks for sharing some technical insights too!

Just curious, what are the key differences with Zoom?

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No problem :slight_smile: It’s a tricky one from a tech/price standpoint not been done before on Bubble

So the key differences are setup simplicity (you can signup and go live within 30 seconds), Zoom also requires a download to install, whereas GoodWebinar works in the browser with no downloads and supports all browsers, price (we are cheaper) and we have a lead management feature to export and handle your leads. But, the biggest differences are that we are 100% whitelabel, so you can brand everything as your business (including CNAME domain), and resell the platform as your own webinar software! Zoom cant do that


The lead export is a great selling point for me (as I don’t intend to start a webinar SaaS biz) :ok_hand:

I’m a Zoom user, and yeah, I hate their interface. So confusing.

Pricing-wise Zoom as a a free tier, and also a pro tier which for solo-entrepreneur (1 host) is fairly cheap, but I get how you provide a different value. All the best!

Just re Bubble, how long did it take you two to build this beast?

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Thanks! Yes, they do have a free tier (their economies of scale and undoubtedly crazy), but we are trying to compete with BigMarker on pricing at least.

With regards to build time, it’s actually a little record for me. The entire platform I started building 2 weeks ago, and expect to finish in around a week and a half from now, so less than a month in total :slight_smile: )



Congrats Reece, what a great example of the possibilities of Bubble!

Just wondering if you have a coding or programming background that helps you with your Bubble product development and thinking process?


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Thanks a lot Ash!

I dont really have a programming background no, more of a design background!

Nice work. It looks very promising. Good luck with this adventure!

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Thanks a lot! Please stay up to date with the project and feel free to refer people using hte link below to earn a lifetime license!

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This is so inspiring !! You’ve cracked this on all fronts - tech, cost, and on time-to-build.

It is awesome to see something like this on bubble. Kudos to you and good luck ! Will definitely share this one.

Curious to know whatever became of this project. I see that the domain is for sale. Are you willing to share if/why it folded?

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