Google Acquires AppSheet, a No-Code platform

Google bought AppSheet, another no-code tool for mobile apps. Curious to hear what other Bubblers think of this.

Have any of you in the Bubble community tried AppSheet? If so, how does it compare to Bubble in your experience?

First of all, this is a builder for Mobile app. Other thing is that the pricing is by user… and 5$/month! wow. The builder is cool and similar to some other on the market.

If you want to have a better look. just click on sample app and show what is behind to see how the builder and app is configured.

IMO, this is the only major drawback to bubble…at least in the scenarios I work with. Fortunately the occasions in the field where there is no cell data or WiFi are occurring less frequently.

I have been using AppSheet few years ago before I started to bubble. At that time AppSheet offered quite simple stuff and for me it was too restraining in a ways how you can build your app. Additionally it was google spreadsheet based so there was no db like we have in bubble.

The real thing for them now is actually having a Google resources (both hardware and people) as a backup and that will boost them up definitely.

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Appsheet does have offline sync capability? Can we achieve this on bubble?

Hmm. Appsheet uses google sheets? Can it use relational database?

I am exploring ways to build an app with minimal training. I like the discussions.