Google AdWords Conversion Tag in parent iframe

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Trying to paste a code snippet (Google AdWords Conversion Tag) into a web app but it needs to go in the body. This wouldn’t be a problem but the page I need to tag has iframes. The tag needs to go in the body of the parent iframe but I can’t see a way to do this. The metadata section of the bubble interface seems to post the tag into the body of the child iframe. Any ideas appreciated.

I have the same question and so far, no idea of how to implement this.

Google says to “Copy the tag in the box below and paste it between the tags of the page you’d like to track.”

And the code is something like:



I have the perfect page to put this on, in order to track conversions (user sign ups, for instance). By the way, in the case of this page, there are no iframes involved.

Any ideas appreciated (2). :slight_smile:

I think you might be able to insert your code using the HTML Snippet - full reference here:

This won’t solve my iframe problem though.

Same Problem here…
Just with the HTML Snippet it won´t work either

How about putting the code in the page header? What does Google say? We enable users to have some code in the header of the HTML of the page, not only in HTML elements.

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Is this also possible for specific pages or just for the general app?

Context: We have several different Pixels for different Conversions.

Also, thanks a lot for your quick answer :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible for specific pages.

Code in the head is fine for something like Google Analytics but not for tracking paid search conversions. That tag snippet needs to go in the body.

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Well in that case we don’t have a way to do this. You could maybe have some dynamic HTML in an HTML element and send the data to a group that contains the HTML element but it’s a bit hacky.

 <script type="text/javascript">
 document.body.insertAdjacentHTML( 'beforeend', 'YOURSCRIPT'); </script>

Insert your script at YOURSCRIPT, but don´t delete the ’
This should work, testing it right now. Coming back with results :wink:


Hey @jan173 did this work for you?

unfortunately not :confused:
But a llikewise code should work somehow. The problem is, that, when you look at the sourcecode of your bubble page, the body is empty. Therefore it is hard to define, where the script should be added.
So far, no results from me. We´re substituting with Google Analytics

PPC campaign just started and if you link your AdWords account to your GA account it seems to track conversions well - assuming you have a goal set in GA.

Just be aware tha GA goals are tracked differently than adwords conversions:

I’ve successfully set up Adwords conversion tracking on Bubble pages by using Google Tag Manager.

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Hi all, I have this working with Google AdWords Conversion Tracking:

Use the following around the tag in an iFrame.


I’d love to read a walk through of how you pulled this off. It doesn’t seem like anyone has published a solution for integrating adwords on the forum despite several threads on the subject.