Google Calendar API patch

Hi everyone. I’m about 2 months into using Bubble and loving what I can do with it!

I’m using the API Connector plug in to get and patch events in google calendar. In particular here I’m trying to “end-date” an events recurrence.

OAuth seems to set up correctly. I can get event details by eventId but the Patch event call doesn’t seem to do anything.

Body reads:

“recurrence”: [

I set up a little page that takes an events Id and a date to end its recurrence. The workflow is:

  1. The API connector Google Cal Get call
  2. Create an Event record from the Google Event data
  3. Take the events recurrence and make it into a list with Regex
  4. If “UNTIL=” exists find and replace it with user date, If not add it.
  5. Concatenate the updated list
  6. Google Cal patch call

The Event record shows all but the last workflows are working.
Just the call doesn’t work.

Anyone able to help?

Thx heaps


Whoops. Body of Patch call actually reads:

“recurrence”: [
“recurrence in pointy brackets”