Google Calendar - Essentially, Too Much Permission

I’m using the Google Calendar + Offline plugin from @ZeroqodeSupport. I only need to search for keywords within a user’s google calendar, so I believe the permission level I need is:

I set up my OAuth as:

But my users see this authorization request:

I assume my problem is that this plugin is already set up for the highest access level for google calendar.
It’s really creating a trust problem for me as I only need to view user’s calendars.
Is there a way to only use a certain permission level in this plugin?
Or configure my own from scratch?
PS: To complicate things, I need the user to stay signed in because I have a recurring daily event that searches the user’s calendar for certain keywords. That’s why I used this plugin to begin with, so that the user does not have to keep authorizing.


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Hi Jamie,
i can create a private version of this plugin, remove all the unnecessary scopes, and authorize your app.
However you have to buy this plugin with a one time purchase (not the recurring one) and forward the payment confirmation to [email protected] as well as inform the name of the app where this plugin has to be authorized.

Thank you so much!
I’d be happy to pay for this.

Just to triple confirm, this version will let me search for and save details from calendar events into my app’s database, correct?
Please let me know when the private version is ready, I’ll be eager to implement asap!