Google Calendar / Searching for Text in Events

Hi All,

Editing this post in hopes that brevity will attract an answer :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out a way to search users’ google calendars on a recurring basis for dynamic search terms. If their calendars contain any events with these search terms, I’d like to send an email to the user.

I downloaded the Google Calendar Offline plugin by @levon , but I’m wondering a few things:

  1. Is this the best tool for what I’m looking to do?
  2. Would this be the correct process if so?
  • Upon user signup to my app, trigger auth request to access google calendar.
  • If user accepts, save calendar_id (how can I save this?) and set a weekly recurring event: at this time every week, I search their calendar for events containing dynamic search terms. (When setting up their profile, a user adds their veterinarian to their profile using Google Place API. I’ll pull the name of the practice from this to use as a search term for this recurring weekly search).
  • Based on @levon 's demo it looks like I need to create an RG and then, "when RG contains [dynamic veterinarian name], send my email. (But how can I systematically search the calendar when the user isn’t in the app? I can’t seem to wrap my head around this.)

Would sincerely appreciate any feedback!


Hi @levon and others, pinging this in case anyone can help please!


Hey Jamie,
I believe the plugin can be helpful for your use case, but it would need experimenting. You won’t need to put an RG on the page in order to search, but it might require some complex recurring workflows to check users’ calendar entries that contain specific text. It’s not something I could easily explain here in a few minutes, I would recommend asking for freelance help by posting under freelance category. Our project minimum is $3000 so I’m afraid we won’t be able to help with this kind of implementation.
Sorry if this wasn’t very helpful

Thanks @levon I understand. Could you just tell me how to find and save the calendar ID?


Hi Jamie,
the plugin returns a field called “id” see the screenshot below
and here is the demo page editor link that should help you to set up the plugin in your app zeroqode-demo-11 | Bubble Editor
runmode link


Thanks, I really appreciate it!