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Google Doc API: Create File from Template

Has anyone successfully integrated Google Doc API?

I wanted to try it with Zapier but the amount of fields available is not sufficient.

The goal is to create a Google Doc from a template, with merging.

I suggest you to use Integromat Word Template instead (from OneDrive). But you can also use custom HTTP request to Google API.

This should also be possible to do it directly from the API Connector.

I specifically want to use Google doc :slight_smile:
I will check what Integromat can do with google

I made some progress but hit a lot of limitations due to the way the Bubble api connector parses the get document json.

@philippe1 how far did you get with this? I"m looking to use Google Docs to do some basic things.

Not super far but I have a workflow that does this with API connector:

  • copy a template folder
  • copy all sub folders
  • copy all files within the folder and subfolders

Using named ranges is not really possible because Bubble wont be consistent parsing the response unfortunately.

I still plan to populate a section of the document with Bubble Data, but synchronization would be hard without named ranges. I think I will use a table at the top of the document and assume it stays consistent to write in it.

I recently moved to Google service account as I had frequent issues with user-side oAuth (also those scopes requires a 15k audit from Google so I can’t really use it with self-service users, they would get an “unsafe” warning from the oAuth screen)

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Hi! I see that you were able to connect to the Google Doc API. I would like to connect to the API strictly to create blank docs. Is there anyway I can do this without requiring any sort of sign in? The docs would be saved on our company account’s drive.

EDIT: Whenever I try to login to get my authorization token, API Connector returns an error. Any help in setting this up would be amazing!

You can use integromat to create a basic google doc template and populate data from bubble.

It’s great for single data items but as far as I can see, I can’t access any nested data.

Currently testing docupilot which seems good.

Unfortunately that isn’t my use case. I need to connect to my drive account, stay connected, and create new blank documents with an api call, returning their ID