Google Drive API - Authentication Confusion!

Hi there,

I am trying to use the Google Drive & Docs API.

The Use Case

I will create a folder in a Google Drive for each user, create a copy of a file and then bulk edit the required fields. This will allow us to automate sending default letters and offers of employment.

The Problem
This use-case cannot rely on me continually logging in and giving my consent to create these folders, sometimes the person issuing these will not even be me but a member of HR.

How can I ensure that this can be run? I can make this work in postman by generating an OAuth2 token - but this will of course expire leaving a new one to be generated. How can I generate a new token without having to give my consent manually more than once at the beginning?

I’d also appreciate help directly on getting this to work in bubble as opposed to postman.

Thank you!

Had a nice sleep, fresh mind. Anybody able to help me?