Google Enhanced Conversion GTM setup issue

Hello , please help me understand where i am wrong ?

My enhanced conversion dont push customer Email Data on GTM preview it says “null”,

I have GTM installed with conversion tracking on my Thanks_you page

on my thanks you page i have HTML code where is displayed customer EMAIL

My GTM setup its

  • on Conversion tracking Tag Include user-provided data from website

-on Variable User Provided data i have Type: manual with Variable Email where i select DOM Element with CSS Selector and copy selector #email

my CSS where is displayed customer email its:

please see the screen for better understand, please where i am wrong ? how i can solve this problem?

Thanks you in advice
Best Regards

It’s likely because when the Container Loaded event is fired, Bubble hasn’t finished rendering the page. Try clicking on DOM Ready and Window Loaded events and see whether the variable is defined correctly in either of those?

If it is, then you can use that event to trigger the conversion tag instead of Page view (which I assume is what you have it firing on at the moment).

Hello @juicebox thanks you for your replay,

i have checked on DOM Ready and Windows Loaded, my tags its not fired at all is this normal ? or i do something wrong ?
My tags only fire on Container Loaded

its not push the data because the tag its not fire on DOM Ready ?

best regards

The tags will not show on either of those because I assume you have it firing on ‘Page view’, which is equivalent to Container Loaded.

You need to check if the variables are declared, so go to the variables tab like you did in the previous screenshot and see if it’s still showing as null or is the correct value.

If you find one of them is the correct value, then you need to go back into Tag Manager and change the trigger for that tag from ‘Page view’ to a ‘DOM Ready’ or ‘Window Loaded’ event - which ever is returning the variable as not null.

If both of those other events have the variable as null, then you might need to define a custom dataLayer event on the page using an HTML element and then use that custom event to trigger.

Hello @juicebox ,

i have created a tag with push datalayer with Custom HTML code and copied the HTML where displayed Email with Copy JS Path it looks like this:

it pushes the email, i am on the right way ? now i don’t know how to integrate it on GTM how i can add it on Conversion TAG as “Include user-provided data from your website” please can you give me a hand on this

Best Regards

Hello @juicebox
i think i have managed it, i created a Variables with Data Variable Layer

and chose this Variable on Conversion Tag on Include user-provided data from your website → user-provided-data,

i am on right way ?

best regards

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