Google & Facebook login issue

Hi there.

The Social login plugins appears to have a funtionality that unless the user has signed up with them, they will not allow you to sign in with them. At least I am getting the error that “email is allready in use” when I attemt to sign in an existing user with Google or Facebook.

Does anyone know a workaround that will let me add to “User’s Facebook” or “User’s Google” if the email allready exist? (I assume the reason for this behavior is that they are empty)
Both plugins are bubble’s own versions.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the exact same issue and it seems it is an old issue.
The solutions offered so far are not user friendly (in other words to ask the existing user to use his email instead of Facebook to login instead of just merging the two).
This is a more than 2 years old issue.
Has anyone managed to solve this?