Google Fit API - configuration error 401

I receive an error from bubble when I try to configure the Google Fit API with Bubble API Connector.

What I did -

  1. Google Console - OAuth is set, Google Fit API enabled, Set the redirect URIs
    (Tested API connection in Google Playground and the OAuth worked)
  2. API Connector - screen show below, Scopes: Google Fit + Personal Info
  3. Bubble workflow - When X is clicked → sign up with API

What I don’t know

  1. Why do I get the authentication error?
  2. Do I need to add more stages on the workflow?
  3. How do I feed the correct user’s ID to the API call, and is it part of the error?

Thank you for helping

Connection Error

Which scopes do you have?

Click on the three services too. You can see what you have access to

Hi Jici
Those are the scopes I used:

Hi @Jici! Any idea what could it be?
I tried playing with the API connecter’s settings but nothing came out of it.

One more thing I’m not sure of - I activate the API with a “sign up with social network” through the workflow.

Please let me know if you have any idea how I can progress

The first thing I think is not correct is your URL to get user info.
I think It should look like that:

Oh yeah! that was it.
Thank you - it was so frustrating

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