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Google Map BDK Plugin


Currently I have purchased the Google Map BDK @gaurav plugin and it work very nicely. Just trying to get one last feature out of the plugin (Hopefully it supports it).

Currently I have a search box (Driven by location) that filters result to the Googlemapbdk which then populates a repeating group to reflect the data as the map is zoomed in and out. This all works fine and as expected.

I was wondering if anyone knew if the Google Map BDK supports highlighting the repeating group value when the map is hovered over a marker item. Or if the repeating group item selected when hovered would highlight the map marker selected (Either scenarios would work). Currently I have not been able to get this to work. I know there is one of plugin out there that does what I’m trying to do but it lacks other features I need the product to do. Thus I really need to try and get this plugin to work.

Any feedback or thoughts would be much appreciated.


Hi @jameshhenry,

Glad to hear!

Right now it doesn’t support detection of hover (only clicks on marker is supported). I’m looking to add support for the first approach you mentioned (event on hover of a marker). Its not straightforward so will take a bit of time. The second approach (highlight a marker based on repeating group hover) is a lot more trickier as that means getting outside data in the plugin and is unlikely to be supported in the foreseeable future.


Thanks for the update!

I will keep my fingers crossed for option 1 (hover over) sometime in the future.

Take care,

Any update or roadmap if you plan to support hover over support?