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I am a complete novice at this I am trying to create a search page on the app with google map, the concept is the map is there and 4 checkboxes to filter what you are looking for and a search button. Might be a dumb question but how do I get the map to pick up the customers current location and show nearby results, how do I get the user to type in an address in the search bar and list the results, and how do I get the checkboxes to filter results

Thanks in Advance

Hi @mrs.mendezlmp,

Have you worked through any of the interactive tutorials or watched any of the videos?

The first tutorial lesson, Saving data, makes use of a Google Map.

Yes I have worked this lesson, I dont think I worded what I was trying to do correctly I want the map to display search results based on the filters selected by the user. How do I have the map locations respond to the filters? I hope that makes sense LOL

You don’t have to do anything special. Just set the map’s Data source property to the filtered list. The map will update “automagically” as the filter criteria change.

To create the filter itself, as you construct the dynamic expression for the Data source, simply reference whatever UI components will be used by the user to filter the results.

Just start building the UI as you envision it and post back here with some screenshots if/when you get stuck.

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