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Google Map: How to specify the center point of a region?

I would like to place a pointer on map.

I would like to make the pointer’s location chosen by dropdown, and the dropdown’s choice is not specific point but rather a area (such as Calofornia, NewYork, not “Golden Gate Bridge” or “Grand Central Station”.
I want the pointer will be placed on the center of the area (whatever, in geographically or politically or economically)

However, by chosing the area, it seems the pointer will not be shown. One way to solve this is specifying the central point manually for each area, but since the service will cover all over the world, specifiying every area is quite hard.

Is there any handy way to place these pointer?

Handy ? Not really.

If you can output KML for your area there are tools and APIs that will find the centre of the polygon.

Manually… not too hard. So California’s KML would be fairly easy to find and generate the centre.

Doing it automatically… maybe via the Google Maps API.

But without code on Bubble… pretty hard.

I understand that. I will do manually. Thank you.

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