Google Maps Approx Location

How do you show APPROX location instead of EXACT location on Google Maps marker? Think similar functionality to Airbnb where APPROX location is shown before booking, then EXACT location is provided 2 days before check-in.

Since you have the exact location, it is not very hard to show a group in front of the map with some transparent background, which will be visible until X days left. See the demo below:

There is a group in front of the Map:

And the exact location is not displayed on the map but via another icon in front of the map, so you can easily hide it:

The thing here is if you center the map in the exact location, people might still figure out a way to find the exact address. Maybe when you show the exact location, you may want to center the map in a nearby coordinate.

Here is the editor if you want to check the setting: Tests for Forum 11 | Bubble Editor

Greatly appreciate the quick reply! How would this work on a dynamic list? (Think list of listings similar to Airbnb on a map)

I set the initial position in the map to my position. I assume you will have a map in listing page for each cell, therefore, each map will have initial location of the current listing.